This X-Vibe 3.0 Compact Vibration Speaker is really cool and funny for you and your family! With it ,you may change almost anything into a speaker,a basketball , a football, a box and so on.Then let's know more more about this X-Vibe 3.0 Compact Vibration Speaker.

X-Vibe 3.0 Compact Vibration Speaker

This is a innovative vibration speaker,unpredictable sound quality on different objects,and it works with any audio device with a 3.5mm jack

Powered by built-in 600mah Lithium battery.

X-Vibe 3.0 Compact Vibration Speaker

It is in mini Size, pocket portableRubberized anti-scratch coating(except the white).

Additional Reusable Sticky Pad,Red,Orange and Green cable/printing on black and white speaker unit for selection

If you connection in series,you can creat unbelievable powerful sound!

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