The wireless thermostat is one such option. There has been a lot questions as to what a wireless thermostat really is. Some might confuse it with a “wifi” or internet programmable thermostat. Usually these are two very different types but not always.
In simple terms the wireless thermostat has two basic components. First is the controller (receiver) unit which is wired to the heating and cooling system like most thermostats. The second component is the thermostat (transmitter) itself. It can be mounted away from the controller or receiver in a different room entirely although there are some limitations on how far away it can be. If you keep it within 500 feet of the controller it is usually fine. That means you can move it to other rooms where you might want better heating and cooling control.
 Easy Setting Wireless LCD Display Digital Heating and Cooling Thermostats
Many also come with several remote controllers so you can virtually control your system from anywhere in the house. This is a far cry from the old round thermostat dials mounted in one place in the home.

A wireless thermostat can also be programmable like other wired thermostats. The programmable features available very considerably form brand to brand. The most common features include a 7-day 4-event programming capability.
This programming capability simply means that for each of 7 days you can set 4 different heating or cooling schedules. For example, set a time and temperature for when you get up in the morning, set another for during the day when you’re at work, another for when you will get back home in the evening and a fourth for sleeping. Of course there are many variations in the different brands available but this is the basic capability.
The wireless thermostat is perfect for renovations and remodeling projects. Many times it simply is not feasible or cost effective to rewire a home to move a room thermostat after an extensive remodeling job. But it still may desirable or even necessary to move the actual thermostat. The wireless thermostat let’s you keep the original system wiring where it is but put the thermostat where you want it.
Easy Setting Wireless LCD Display Digital Heating and Cooling Thermostats

Maybe you just want to have the thermostat in a different room to better control the temperature where you or your family spends most of their time. That might be a family room or maybe you want better temperature control in the nursery. Whatever the reason the wireless thermostat gives you the needed flexibility.

Most leading manufacturers of room thermostats offer a wireless version as part of their product line. Some of the major brands including Honeywell, Hunter and Rodgers all offer wireless systems with multiple features allowing you to virtually customize your heating and cooling system.
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