This 6V 3W solar panel charger can be hung on any kinds of bags charging for headlamps, flashlights, lanterns, mobile phone, intercoms, GPS, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, etc. It can charge for the devices directly or store the power in the Lithium Polymer Battery.If you are a frequent traveler, we highly recommend this powerful solar charger.

6V 3W solar panel charger

Change sunlight into electricity power, can be sucked on the car glasses, 

hung on any kinds of bags and set up on the floor charging for mobile phone,  

MP3, digital camera, video camera, GPS, etc.

Widely applied for outdoor hiking, riding, driving traveling, etc.

Green & Black color for selection

Clips on to backpack and stand-alone charging

6V 3W solar panel charger

Solar Panel Power:6V/3W

Built-in Li-ion Battery:3.7V/4000mAh

Output:DC5V/1000mA Max

Working temperature: -20-80℃

Working life of solar panel: Above 10 years

Charging time by sunlight: 12~14 hours (Sunlight≧80KLux)

Charging time by USB port:12-14hours

Charging time by 1A  Adaptor: 5-6 hours