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Laptop Battery for AA-PB9NC5B, AA-PB9NC6B, AA-PB9NS6B

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Quick Overview

5200mAh Laptop Battery for AA-PB9NC5B, AA-PB9NC6B, AA-PB9NS6B

Product Details

Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 11.1V
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Battery Color: Black
Battery Weight: 478.50g
Dimension: 204.10 x 49.41 x 40.21mm

This battery is compatible with following part numbers:


This battery is compatible with following models:

NP-Q320 Series, NP-Q320-AS01, NP-Q320-AS02, NP-Q320-AS03, NP-Q320-AS04, NP-Q320-FS01, NP-Q320-FS01US, NP-Q430, NP-Q460, NP-R420, NP-R423, NP-R428 Series, NP-R429 Series, NP-R430 Series, NP-R438 Series, NP-R439, NP-R460 Series, NP-R463 Series, NP-R464 Series, NP-R465 Series, NP-R466 Series, NP-R467 Series, NP-R468 Series, NP-R470 Series, NP-R478 Series, NP-R480 Series, NP-R507 Series, NP-R519, NP-R522 Series, NP-R530, NP-R548, NP-R580, NP-R620, NP-R700 Series, NP-R710 Series, NP-R719, NP-RF411, NP-RF510, NP-RF710, Q320, Q320-32P, Q320-FS01, Q320-FS01UK, Q320-FS01US, Q430, R428, R428-DA04, R428-DS01, R428-DS04, R428-DS08, R428-DS09, R428-DS0A, R428-DS0B, R428-DS0E, R428-DS0L, R428-DS0M, R428-DS0N, R428-DS0P, R428-DS0R, R429, R429-DS05, R429-DS06, R429-DS07, R429-DS0A, R429-DS0B, R429-DS0C, R430, R431, R438, R458, R463, R464, R465, R466, R467, R468, R470, R478, R480, R503, R507, R517 Series, R519 Series, R520 Series, R522, R538, R580, R620 Series, R718 Series, R719, R720 Series, R780 Series, X360

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