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6-Cell Laptop battery for Acer AS07A31, AS07A32, AS07A41, AS07A42, AS07A51, AS07A52, AS07A71

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We offer brand new and low priced Acer Acer AS07A31, AS07A32, AS07A41, AS07A42, AS07A51, AS07A52, AS07A71 laptop battery.

Product Details

6-Cell Laptop battery for Acer AS07A31, AS07A32, AS07A41, AS07A42, AS07A51, AS07A52, AS07A71

Battery Type: Li-ion

Battery Voltage: 11.1V

Battery Capacity: 4400mAh

Battery Color: Black

Battery Weight: 308.15g

Dimension: 208.20 x 44.94 x 19.90mm

This battery is compatible with following part numbers:

AS07A31, AS07A32, AS07A41, AS07A42, AS07A51, AS07A52, AS07A71, AS07A72, AS07A75, AS2007A, BT.00603.036, BT.00604.015, BT.00604.022, BT.00605.018, BT.00607.012, BT.00607.013, BTP-AS4520G, LC.BTP00.012, MS2219, MS2220 Z01 Z03

This battery is compatible with following models:

Aspire 2930 Series
Aspire 2930, Aspire 2930-582G25Mn, Aspire 2930-593G25Mn, Aspire 2930-733G25Mn, Aspire 2930-734G32Mn, Aspire 2930-844G32Mn, Aspire 2930G, Aspire 2930Z, Aspire 2930Z-322G25Mn, Aspire 2930Z-343G16Mn
Aspire 4230 Series
Aspire 4235, Aspire 4240
Aspire 4310 Series
Aspire 4315 Series
Aspire 4315, Aspire 4315-2904
Aspire 4320 Series
Aspire 4330 Series
Aspire 4332, Aspire 4336
Aspire 4520 Series
Aspire 4520-5141, Aspire 4520
Aspire 4530 Series
Aspire 4530-5267, Aspire 4530-5350, Aspire 4530-5627, Aspire 4530-5889, Aspire 4530-6823, Aspire 4535G
Aspire 4710 Series
Aspire 4710G, Aspire 4710Z, Aspire 4715Z, Aspire 4715Z-3A0512C
Aspire 4720 Series
Aspire 4720G, Aspire 4720Z, Aspire 4720ZG
Aspire 4730 Series
Aspire 4730-4516, Aspire 4730-4947, Aspire 4730Z, Aspire 4730ZG, Aspire 4736, Aspire 4736G, Aspire 4736Z, Aspire 4736ZG
Aspire 4740 Series
Aspire 4740G, Aspire 4740G-332G50Mn, Aspire 4740G-432G50Mn
Aspire 4920 Series
Aspire 4920-1A2G12Mi, Aspire 4920G, Aspire 4920G-302G25Mi, Aspire 4920G-3A2G16Mn
Aspire 4930 Series
Aspire 4930G, Aspire 4935, Aspire 4935G, Aspire 4935G-644G32Mn
Aspire 5236, Aspire 5241, Aspire 5334, Aspire 5335, Aspire 5338, Aspire 5536, Aspire 5536G, Aspire 5734Z
Aspire 5735 Series
Aspire 5735, Aspire 5735 Series, Aspire 5735Z, Aspire 5735Z Series, Aspire 5735Z-582G16Mn, Aspire 5737Z, Aspire 5738, Aspire 5738G, Aspire 5738Z, Aspire 5738ZG
Aspire 5740 Series
Aspire 5740, Aspire 5740-13, Aspire 5740-13F, Aspire 5740-15, Aspire 5740-15F, Aspire 5740-5144, Aspire 5740-5513, Aspire 5740-5749, Aspire 5740-5780, Aspire 5740-6491, Aspire 5740D 3D, Aspire 5740DG, Aspire 5740DG-332G50Mn, Aspire 5740G, Aspire 5740G-336G50Mn, Aspire 5740G-524G64Mnb, Aspire 5740G-5309
Aspire 7715Z

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