What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a business model in which the retailer benefits from selling products to customers then ordering products from drop shipping providers (e.g. Boomdealer). The only thing you need to do is pass the orders to Boomdealer. Customers will receive the ordered products directly from Boomdealer. This process minimizes the risk to you, you don’t need to buy the product until it has been sold. Boomdealer takes care of the warehousing, packaging and shipping of products, saving you money and time. Your profit in the transaction is the difference between the Boomdealer and your retail prices of the items sold.


How does drop shipping benefit you?

  • Drop Shipping is an easy way for you to start earning profit by selling quality products. By listing our products on your website and taking advantage of Drop Shipping, you will:

  • Become a worldwide e-commerce retailer at a low cost with no risk.

  • Offer a wide selection of products without the need to purchase or store inventory.

  • Select product types on Boomdealer.com and determine your own retail prices and profit.

  • Have your products packaged and shipped to your customers by us at no extra cost.

How to do drop shipping with Boomdealer?

  • Sell Boomdealer products on your own webstore/eBay;

  • Select product(s) on Boomdealer.com and add to shopping cart;

  • Click "Add Drop Shipping Service" on shopping cart page;

  • Submit the order and finish the payment,remrember to set the shipping address as your customer's;

  • Boomdealer will prepare your order and ship out to your customer directly.

How many kinds of ID Levels for Drop-shipping Client?

  • For Drop-shipping Client, there are 4 kinds of ID Levels:

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Golden

  • Titanium

How to clarify the different ID Levels as a Drop-shipping Client?

  • For Drop-shipping Client, there are 4 kinds of ID Levels:

  • ID Levels will be clarified by the Drop-shipping Account Amount(DAA).

  • ID Level Drop-shipping Account Amount(DAA)

  • Bronze 0-4,999.99 USD

  • Silver 5,000-19,999.99 USD

  • Golden 20,000-99,999.99 USD

  • Titanium 100,000 USD+

What is the benefit for different Drop-shipping Client ID Levels?

  • For different Drop-shipping ID Levels, they could get different discount rate.

  • ID Level Discount Rate

  • ID Level Drop-shipping Account Amount(DAA)

  • Bronze 5% off

  • Silver 8% off

  • Golden 10% off

  • Titanium 12% off

We guarantee none of the followings will happen when we dropship.

  • 1) We do NOT include our company name, logo anywhere on or in the package.

  • 2) We do NOT include any invoices within the package.

  • 3) We do NOT contact your customers, your customers will be still loyal to you.